Where to hide your valuables

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Where to hide your valuables

Nowadays robberies may have increased recently, but with the following tips –portes asfaleias–  you can create great hiding places in your home to keep your head calm whenever you need to be away from home for vacation or work. Apart from the hiding spots we will reveal to you in this article, a great solution is to install a security door and maybe a security system. But let’s get into the tips, shall we?

Empty a book

Find a boring book that takes up space in your library and cut it inside to make a hidden space. Put the valuable jewelry and money in there and place it normally in your library along with the other books. Cut several pages of a book to make a makeshift a hiding place. The size of the items that you can hide in there depends on the size of the book and its width. It is an ideal hiding place for keys, jewelry, phones, USB flash drives and other small items.


Install a fake air duct

Put a fake rectangular air duct on your wall so you can hide things of value that you may have behind it. Be sure to place it closer to the ceiling so that it does not arouse suspicion among robbers who may visit your home. Create recesses behind the air duct so that the items you want can fit there. This is a permanent yet very clever way to hide your belongings as no one will suspect it.

A clever idea to hide expensive jewelry and money

Use old vinyl records to hide small items. Take a cardboard box and stick it on and around the vinyls. Put it between regular trays and put in the box all the things you want to protect against possible theft. This is a great tip if your parents own old records that they do not use anymore.

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Hide small items in a cigar case

Take a metal cigar case, empty it, and place bottles of important files or money inside. Make a hole in the top of your door and insert the case into the inside of the door. A metal cigar case comfortably holds a bottle and some money. So you can ask your grandparents or this uncle who loves cigars if they have a spare cigar case and put it to good use!

Belts and socks

No robber is going to look for your belts and sock drawers to find money. So the belt is a safe choice to hide things of value. Certainly not a lot of money in one area, so if you have a lot of money at home right now, use some of the other solutions.
The belt is a good idea to hide some money.

Use the globe in other ways

The globe can be useful for learning good geography, but it is also useful as a makeshift treasury! Cut a piece of the globe and put in money and jewelry. Put back the piece you took out and whistle carelessly. You have just found the most perfect hiding place for your valuables.
Put money and jewelry in the globe! It’s not going to cross anyone’s mind what you might have in there

Inside the food

Take corn, put it in a jar and place your jewelry inside, throwing another corn around and on top. Do the same in different jars until you fill them all with the jewelry you want to protect. Put your jewelry in food jars and protect them from any burglars.


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Hide behind paintings and frames

It may be a classic method but it works. Put keys, money behind your boards or make a wall cabinet that is covered by your board. This way you will have protected important items and you will feel more confident to leave your home for a few days. Make sure that the paintings are very close to your wall so that your valuables will not slip and fall. Because if that happens you could lose them without even noticing!

Install a security door

These tips we mentioned above are great as a temporary solution so that you feel safe when you are on vacation or throwing a party or even  gone for a while. But a more permanent solution would be to install a security door. This way, you could keep all the nosy people away from your precious belongings and your house.

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