Welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20


In the first months of 2020 we witnessed many things coming from technology companies, including a touch screen flip mobile phone – thikes kiniton –  which created a lot of questions and conflicts. However, Samsung still puts pressure on its creations and announces the release of a new phone. This means that we are welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 soon.

The new Samsung smartphone has some amazing features and new additions, but lately there are new smartphones that get released every month. So, the true question though is “Is it worth it?”. If you wish to find out more about the welcoming of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, keep reading to explore the details of the new phone.

Release date and Pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The release date is not specific yet, but welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is closer than we thought. Samsung releases new galaxy smartphones annually and it has already been said that a new galaxy smartphone is on the making for 2020. The release date is calculated between August and September 2020 but there is a chance that it will eventually be available at the market later on as the release date is not available yet.

As far as the price of the smartphone is concerned we do not have any official information from Samsung. Comparing it with the previous model, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which started at 950$ in the United States and the plus model which was approximately 100$ higher, we assume that the newest model will be priced higher than the previous ones.

Until we get the release date and the pricing from Samsung, all we can do is speculate. But regarding the specs and the extra characteristics of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Special Characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

There are some new characteristics on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which are going to make your everyday life easier. One of them is the S pen that we are going to discuss later on the article.

Processor and Memory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The smartphone will come with the Snapdragon 865 chipset, same as the other phone in the Galaxy S family. In some regions it could be even stronger and upgraded to the Exynos 990 too.

The memory capacity in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 maybe will start at 128 GB as even at the previous models the least capacity was at this number. Smaller memory might mean a lighter version of the phone which will also probably be cheaper too.


Battery Life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

If we would compare it to previous models, the battery of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 would be at least 3500mAh, as in the Note 10. There are rumours that the battery life will be even bigger at approximately 4.000mAh which means a bigger battery and longer standby hours.

Concerning the Galaxy Note 20 Plus model, the battery should be even bigger. At 4.500 or 4.300 mAh, the plus model will be a pretty impossible phone.

Display and Screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 might be slightly more curved than the previous model which had sharp edges. There was a leak about a smartphone;s screen which is curved until the rear of the phone’s body and we keep wondering if this will be the Note 20!

There are also some speculations that the new smartphone could have a built in front camera inside the screen. What this means is that the screen will be bigger and all the way to the edges of the phone.

The truth is that Samsung has showed some hints in commercials and at the official website, but for all we know, that could be the new Samsung galaxy phone.

The S pen

The S pen was introduced at older Galaxy Note models. It is a small sized stylus which can fit pretty neatly at the side of the phone. It is not even noticeable when it is packed in there. The S pen has been very helpful to all those users who prefer to take notes,

In the previous models, the S pen was primarily a tool we could use to write and not perform many other features. Except from the button that can be used as a camera shutter, it remains a simple writing stylus.

What we would like to see on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

As we have mentioned before, we will probably be welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 on August or September 2020. This means that we do not have many information about its specs and design and that we just use some hints to speculate on the final product.

What we would like to see on the new model are some improvements to the previous Galaxy Note 10 model like the following.

We would love to see more features on the S pen. Samsung should upgrade the pen and make it useful fr more actions than writing emails and taking pictures. Our days require more multitasking and we are using our mobile phones more than our computers. So we need an upgrade.

Better camera and general specs. Many phones are getting released every ear and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. If we judge the budget for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, we should be getting more quality as fas as the camera is concerned. Remember that few people use separate photo cameras to take pictures nowadays.

Make the 5G model cheaper than the last one. The previous 5G Samsung Galaxy Note model was a lot more expensive than the 4G version with few improvements and different specs. We need the 5G model to be at a normal price range, so that more people will choose it.

Keep the battery capacity. Having a phone that you can use all day without needing to charge it is a must nowadays. Samsung should keep the battery at more than 3.000 mAh so that people can enjoy more hours with their phones.

Is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 worth it?

It depends on what you need it for. If you want to upgrade your older Samsung smartphone then you can wait until the official date of welcoming the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. If you are in need of a smartphone as soon as possible, then you should go for another phone, as the date is not announced yet.

It also depends on your budget, as this particular phone is on the expensive side of smartphones. You can also opt for an older Samsung Galaxy model because most of the time their price drops when a new model is released. You can get an older Galaxy model for a bargain price if you buy it at the right timing.

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