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The decline of cigarette smoking has largely eliminated a after-widespread accent from numerous properties: the match striker. But candles and firewood nonetheless will need to be lit, so a new wave of tiny producers has been providing the tool renewed awareness.

Absolutely sure, you could use a paper matchbox. But a properly-developed match holder with a rough surface area for lighting strike-anywhere matches is “so much prettier,” explained Michelle Nussbaumer, an interior designer in Dallas. “I adore them on a cocktail desk.”

Ms. Nussbaumer collects vintage spherical strikers, produced of crystal or wood with a silver ring at the major, and covets people produced by Asprey. “You see them at flea marketplaces all the time,” she reported. “Almost just about every place in my home has just one or two.”

Of class, not all people is aware of how to use them.

“I don’t believe the youthful era even knows what a match striker is,” she reported. “They may possibly take a match out and not know you can strike it on the aspect.”

Solid-iron match striker by Josh Owen

$30 at Areaware: 800-783-5683 or

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