Online private lessons or tutoring?


Private lessons – ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα – or tutoring? Which is the best option?

The search for the right educational method has always been a problem for parents at the beginning of each school year. Until now, the choice of the teacher was made either by recommendations or by small ads.

However, in the age of technology where you can now call a taxi from your mobile phone, order food from the internet, and even make a video call with someone who is miles away, why can’t you find the perfect teacher using the technology?

But how do I know if the one I choose from the internet is the right one? Here is the answer, which gathers the profiles of hundreds of teachers and professors to find the right person to achieve your goals. connects students who wish to take online private lessons (school, university, foreign languages, computer, science, music, arts, etc.) with the appropriate online private teachers.

But why choose online private lessons rather than tutoring?

Tutoring or online private lessons? What is the best option for me? The answer to this question should be given after taking into account everyone’s needs and based only on the acquisition of real knowledge. We used to say that private lessons were a luxury for a few as they cost a lot more than tuition.

However, things have changed in recent years with prices varying in both cases. You now need to be well informed and confident that what you are paying is worth what you are receiving. In private lessons, for example, you have the opportunity to pay with the course and not to prepay all month or year.

In addition, the choice of homework achieves the best performance in the shortest possible time. The apprentice does not waste time on travel to and from the tutoring centre, as long as the lesson takes place in the space and time he chooses.

Most important of all, however, is that a lesson with many people is definitely less effective than an online private lesson made and tailored to the learner’s needs. The teacher knows the possibilities of his student and adapts the lesson accordingly. In this way there are no gaps in the curriculum and better assimilation is achieved.

The choice of how to learn a music instrument plays a decisive role. After all, if you want to achieve your maximum goal, you should definitely choose private lessons. Through you can easily and quickly search for the right teacher for more than 200 courses.

Then you have access to the corresponding profiles of the teachers and using the filters you can set all the criteria you want. After you find the right teacher, seeing his detailed resume (speciality, degrees, year of graduation, institution of study, teaching & professional experience), his teaching methods, the educational services he offers, his availability, the areas he serves, the tuition fees and his offers, then you can send him a message of interest by filling out the corresponding contact form. The private teacher receives the message immediately and communicates with you to discuss the details and schedule your first online private lesson.

Are you a teacher?

You can create your own profile at, with your detailed resume, the courses you teach, your availability, the areas you serve, your tuition per course and whatever else you want. Through your account at, receive messages of interest from prospective students, contact them directly and close your new online private lessons!

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