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The Volcano of Santorini

Santorini owes its existence to it. A unique geological phenomenon, the volcano created a place of astonishing beauty in the middle of the Aegean. Santorini and its volcano will enchant you. The volcano of Santorini is together with the underwater volcano of Columbus, 8 km next to Santorini, Nisyros, Milos and Methana, the active volcanoes of the Aegean.

The volcano of Santorini started its activity 2.5 million years ago and this activity continues to this day. Just a few hundred years ago he created the island of Nea Kameni and continues to create it, the newest volcanic land in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Columbus Volcano

The eruption of the underwater volcano Columbus, which is connected to the volcanic activity of Santorini, since it is located only 8 kilometers near it, took place in September 1650 and lasted for two months! It is the largest volcanic eruption in the Eastern Mediterranean in the last 1000 years. Strong earthquakes and volcanic ash and gas eruptions plagued Santorini, mourning 50 or 70 others and wreaking havoc on livestock and crops. To exorcise evil, the inhabitants of Santorini built the church of Panagia tou Kalou near Cape Columbus.

From the lava that spilled into the sea, a reef was created, Columbus. Columbus in Italian means dove and the name was given because the volcano, unlike those of Old and New Kameni which are black, is white like a dove or because throughout the eruptions on the surface of the sea there were white foams. The base of the reef is located at a depth of 300m. and its eroded peak from the sea is only 18 meters above sea level!

Accommodation Options in Santorini

Santorini, thanks to its great tourist development in recent decades, offers the visitor many different accommodation options that really satisfy every taste, the need for every type of vacation, but also different wallets.

In Santorini you will find everything from organized camping to luxury hotels that cost thousands of euros per night. Between these two categories you will find many small and large hotels and many rooms for rent. You will find accommodation options in Santorini almost all over the island.

Santorini Accommodation

The first choice for those who want to spend their holidays in Santorini is the eyebrow of the Caldera in one of the four traditional settlements. Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. It is your choice for a romantic stay, it is the choice of accommodation for the honeymoon and for all couples who are in a permanent honeymoon. The only sure thing in this option for accommodation in Santorini is that it will give you peace – except maybe the strong wind at times -, romantic moments with beautiful sunsets, but it will cost you a bit expensive. How expensive it depends on whether you are in a luxury hotel or a rented room.

Your next choice for accommodation in Santorini is a seaside settlement. The settlements in Kamari and Perissa-Perivolos come first in preference. Here you will find hotels, as well as a variety of rooms to let. Staying here will not cost as much as in the Caldera, but there are still different types of options. Expensive, but also cheaper hotels and rooms for rent depending on the facilities. The advantage for your vacation if you stay close to the sea is obvious. It is the choice preferred by families with young children and those looking for something cheaper than the Caldera.

Apart from these, perhaps your main options for accommodation in Santorini, there are many others that also have their advantages. To choose to stay in a traditional settlement in the interior of the island, the closest to the airport for quick getaways or you can choose for your stay Akrotiri which is an ascending settlement and offers views of the Volcano and the other 4 traditional settlements in the eyebrow of the Caldera and is closer to the red beach.

In any case, whatever you choose for your stay in Santorini, it is certain that you will spend an unforgettable vacation. Santorini has to offer special emotions to everyone. For everyone in Santorini it offers options that suit your budget and the holiday style you want to do.

Today there is everything in Santorini in terms of your entertainment, even important artists who do concerts during the summer. Festival exhibitions and festivals complete the picture. Of course the heart of night entertainment beats in Fira. But especially on the popular beaches of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari you will find clubs, beach bars that keep up the fun throughout the day, but also bars that offer live music in various genres and variety, even karaoke nights.

The services offered in the field of entertainment in Santorini are of a high standard. You will find throughout the season all kinds of events in the many cultural centers of the island. While unique are the visits to the wineries of the island that organize individual or group visits to learn the wine history of Santorini and to taste its excellent wines along with other local products. The important thing is that with all these options, Santorini is an island that is unlikely to hurt whatever you are looking for in the field of entertainment.

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